Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mosaiook Homies

An assortment of my friends in Mosaiook.
Names are all there, need not say much more.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


On Monday and Tuesday, we went down to Canberra.

A few things from our adventure.


Dane found a blue tongue lizard at Collector

This dam can leak at any moment.

Wogen park was amazing.

Speak Spanish at the magic carpet.

Samoh and his bleached hair

Here is a quick clip of stuff we filmed at Civic and Wogen Parks. Gonna have to wait for the other things.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Melbourne September 09

Home sweet home for the several days that I was down there. Thanks Mumma Illona and the Lang Street kids for having me.

My picture is one of the featured ones on their book shelf. Right next to pictures from a machine of Mike and Illona. Lovely.

Guess who?

A hole in a shirt from the night before of raging.

Callum got sent this board and didn't like the graphic, so it was decorated by Callum, Mike, Syd, and myself.

Being AFL final weekend, it was deemed appropriate that an AFL dvd of mappy was put on for all the fans.

Lunch time = $4 baguette.

Eatdown for troy west

The drains were flooded, as you can see water is overflowing. Callum lost his board in the water after 5 minutes of getting there. Straight into the lake.

Getting all 16mm or whatever.

Frenchie themed party. I don't know how Euro we were meant to look.

Happy birthday Yuta at the Yellow Bird.

St Kilda Beach.. the only bit of sunshine I got out of 5 days.

Alternate-Reality-Chanman rode this horse from Sydney to reside in Melbourne.

Stay tuned

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Kyle in Mosaiook.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Steve & Mertell

Can't really think of much to write about this part. All i remember is that Mertell didn't have enough for a full part, and neither did Steve. I think the only part where they both appear in the part is at the very beginning and the very end.

Interesting mix though.

Friday, August 14, 2009

La Bamba

Here is all the footage from our rival S.S trip down to Canberra. Hawley and myself were not invited on the last trip, and Dean was very keen to do another one seeing as he had been living in Melbourne.

Here is what went down in the 3 days we were there, most of it you would have seen in Mosaiook.

La La Bamba.

You'll have to check or for the rest of the photos. Sorry to poach.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Troy West, The Featch, Nicholson, Horsey, Rhys, Alan Man, and The H

Troy West, The Featch, Nicholson, Horsey, Rhys, Alan Man, and The H in Mosaiook

- Yeah the song was looped a few times if you hadn't realised..

- My favourite part definetly has to be on the train where the kid is filming Richie.

- According to Phillip, Nicholson's trick was the best thing he had ever seen in Berlin, heilege schizer!

- Horsey is an amazing character. Good party times when he was here. We were both asked if we wanted to go home in a body bag one night, but a yeah you of a lifetime was delivered to that person.

- Note Alan Man's American colours on his title.

- The H is all I need to say

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fulfill The OOK

Fulfill The OOK is the video 6th installment coming out in March 2010. Anything ever thought about is to be crossed off. Done.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jake Hayes Mosaiook

Jake had opening part in Mosaiook. I should've put it up first but it will go in random order on here I guess.

- Dane sings well in key doesn't he?

- First line on a broken board hence the slow mo haha

- Skating banks behind barbed wire fences is no fun especially if people like Mertell get stuck whilst climbing it.

- Backside lipslides on Wynyward bledge are better with bag swinging attacks on Slinky lurking around.

- Jake's Canberra line is result of an SS Canberra trip that Me and Hawley weren't invited on haha.

- Hadnam is psyched at Paramatta road.

- I held the Jesters sign while Jake front boarded it. Team effort.

- Stu Mac hangs while Jake feebles.

- Thanks to Hadnam and Burger for the Jake footage.

- I couldn't think of much to write, sorry.

The song is "Ending to Begin" by Mercy Arms

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mosaiook Dean Palmer

- Dean has the best tre flip in the world. The one at the red carpet is just a pure example of why..

- "PALMY" by Jonz.

- Opening line was the longest line I'd ever filmed.

- Check the previous "Worny" post I did featuring Dean to see the gist of the spins outside the shop at the Worny.

- Homeboy with the phone didn't know what he was doing. He was very shakey.

- What's up Willy at Olds Park.

- Skating outside the 26 Chisholms is fun.

- Grumpy old man always comes out when the pole gets skated. Have a look for him in Samoh's section later when it goes up for homeboy's background appearance.

- Stewart Thomas Arewa Richard, which was actually specific letters of Death Skateboards coloured in. I really wish this board was Dean's legit board that everyone could buy, but it was just an "I <3 Death" board coloured in and a Fuknook sticker on it. Pisstake on Fuknoath by Lance.

- Yeah I wish I could colour in that fast as well. But it's fast forwarded. Just giving you a heads up.

- Johnzo is amazed. Snap out of it Johnzy, hence the slap on the shoulder..

- Seccy at MOS was stressing out when Dean was skating the bank. Seccy tried yelling but to no avail he just walked off and gave up.

- Positive Energook background appearances at the bump to table.

- The only spot we could find in Paramatta..

- Canberra trip was made funner and twice as productive with Brother Himburg filming.

- Dane pop up at Cook. Swapsies for sw bs flip and front biggy. Vice Versa in Dane's part. You'll get the idea..

- OG Palm wally.

- Another person who's done the Smolik trick outside Crown Casino. Originally Beth was in the clip too clapping these gunpowder ball things that she won from the Casino games place but I think it was too embarassing to put in. Sorry.

- Syd must be a mind reader. "I knew that was the one"

- Possibly the funniest shirt I have seen in a while at White Walls. "THE JONZ". I think it was made to support Johnzo in his comedy final the previous year or two.

- Digging is fun when the spot becomes skateable right Palm?

- Dedications to Bernie and Jai.

- Most shire clips are courtesy of Shane. Cheers.

- Horsey lurking.

- "Dean Palmers from Mars and we don't care" just like "Teenagers From Mars" as a reference to bigspin attempts at the pit in OOK and Evil, done.

- Seccy lurking, Nollie back heels, flick off.

- The best ender in the world at the best spot... Sutho Bowl, haha.

- Rhys karaoked this song.

I think it's a very suitable song for my favourite Palm and accomplice, hence the framed picture of Me, Dean, and Beth that I gave on her 21st birthday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Secret Society

To coincide with the demise of the Secret Society headquarters and missing Brother Himburg, I decided to put up the part of the High Street Homies from Mosaiook and give a bit of a behind the scenes at Phillip's request

Hmm I wonder if Hawley's prophecy will become true seeing that they've all moved home, will their feet touch the ground again and be ordinary again or will they still be the revered demi human secret society we all dont know about?

Anyways enough from me, what you see here is the result of:
- Being able to infiltrate SS HQ

- Wake up Phillip at the reasonable hour of 9am as opposed to 2pm
- Get some phone calls answered by the secret double agents.

- I must also mention the song choice. "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder, is a result of raging with Phillip at Art Factory on numerous occasions. As his English wasn't at a proficient level, he only knew the lyrics break my stride, and so everytime that part of the song came on he would sing along and dance. Haha. Soooooooooooo raging.

- As you noticed the colours on Phillip's name are a mix of colours. I tried to incorporate a German flag into the shades of it. Don't know how well it worked though!
- Homeboy on the guitar was psyched on Phillip. Apparently he had dropped everything and moved up to Sydney from Melbourne to try and come up on his songwriting prowess.
- Minto drains was one of the first times I skated with Phillip.
Phillip:"What does cheeky mean?"
George: "It's like being naughty"
- Fertig= "Done" in Himburg dialect.

- Phillip's first line at Questacon was a result of a Secret Society trip to Canberra consisting of 2 cars of people excluding myself and Hawley.
- Luckily enough we kidnapped Phillip for a Secreter than Secret Society trip which
consisted of Dean, Phillip, Troy, Hawley and Myself. Good times.

- Skating the bench through the gap in Melbourne was probably the hottest day I have ever lived through. Something like 46 degrees in the middle of a heatwave, we didn't even leave the house until 5pm that day.

Also we had been raging the night before on Australia Day/Chinese New Year, and we were all really excited. Pretty eventful night, China town, game arcade, Hungry Jacks, Box on head with Bryce, "Bananna" minus Hodges, and "oh message".Check the previous Melbourne January 2009 blog and for our adventures.

- Anyways back to business, don't need to say more about the red carpark clip do I? SS...
- "Yeah..." I liked Phillip's Hardflip at St Kilda Beach.
- Lilli Pilli = SS TF
- I think Chase whistled at Phillip at Lucas Heights.
- Olds Park clips are always lovely because of the green grass.
- Hadnam and Macca ripping.
- Jake Demos, coming up in 2002 according to Chris Hebron in an old Crank magazine... well there you go.
- Switch Crooks line is pretty reminiscent to Raja Nasuta.
- Skating away from a little dog looks like fun doesn't it George?
- Can't say much about George's Euro footage, because I wasn't there..

- Minto drains was fun. George saved his board from the water on many occasions. Watch the High Street Video to confirm that.

- Random parks in the Blue Mountains look fun enough to back 3 kicky over.
- Front board biggys must work better on Dane's board.
- Fakie biggys must be more fun after seeing Jake Hayes focus his shoe. Wah :(
- According to Johnzo, skating on Boxing Day is the purest mission of all. Everyone is around, everyone comes out, good times.

- There you go. I hope I unravelled some of their mysteries.
- Ich bin stolz auf dich!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mosai ook

- Jackson did an amazing introduction, which meant there wasn't really a need for a title for names of any sort.

- The glass did crack and every time it was walked on it would move. sketchy seeing as the floor below is a pre school and they're the panels for the lights which can fall once cracked. Sorry.

- Running straight into a pole head first isn't very fun.

- Getting boards stuck when trying to pull in impossible lipslides isn't fun, and neither is
kicking bins out of frustration.

- Jumping over the water without your board is quite silly. Board gets wet.
- Here's the result of the slam onto my elbows.

- The man at Cook and Phillip seemed pretty psyched on watching things go down.

- Copying Hawley's getups at Civic Park in Canberra is amusing.

- No comply flip manual was the first clip since my knee operation. I was thrilled.

- "Boats. Water". Thanks Dane. He filmed the surrounding scenery.

- Dane appears doing a line at MOS because we did the same lines and put them in each other's parts.

- Terminator flip in tribute to Jonz, in tribute to the kid that did one just to terminate Willy in a game of.

- BS flip on a bank to be all arty yeah?

- Yeah pole jam kind of tricks are all the rage right?

- Slappy grinds are really fun. I spent the whole day learning them prior to this one.

- Sw skasian shove was for Johnzo. "look here" as in his part in Misled OOK

- Yes I really did skate over that gap and the syringe haha.

- Reverting the switch shove was an accident. Mertell was psyched, as you can tell from his face.

- Snake chalmer for AJ

- Psyched on the featch at cook.

- Skating Melbourne library step with Syd's jacket on. Two of the most iconic Melbourne pronouns I'd say.

- Have a look at any previous Melbourne blogs to see what's gone down on the several Melbourne trips made during Mosaiook.

- A STAR reference. Stewart Thomas Arewa Richard.

- Thanks for the props Frenchman at St Kilda

- Skating the Blackbox mini with Dane was lots of fun. Thanks for the invite.

- People who didn't know what was going on at Cook and Phillip. Calling out to them to show them what's up.

- Funny that I'm wearing a shirt with a bananna peel on it when I trip up the stairs.

- Riding through caps isn't fun.

- I went in the water twice this day at Minto drains. First time I was mucking around and my board went down the hill towards the water, I ran after it, board went in the water, and I slipped and fell in. Haha yeah me. Second time I was being silly, jumped across the water and changed my mind mid air.

- Seeing Bernie skate the sandstone ledge at Cannon made me want to skate it, so there you go.

- Switch tres to show people I can still do flip tricks haha.

- Really psyched on Tom Penny's clip in the old es trailer, hence the Olds Park clip.

- I forgot to mention I filmed the whole part on the one Death Zone graphic. J Bone had a lot of those so why not?

My mind was exhausted after this part.
Stay tuned.

Yeah Yous In The Air

Mary Jane and ook made a clip of Troy and Mary Jane's wedding in Barcalona and holidaying adventures throughout Spain and Morocco, for Troy's birthday and their wedding anniversary.

Yeah Yous in the air, everywhere I look around.
Yeah Yous in the air, every sight and every sound.

You get the idea

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary xo

Sunday, April 19, 2009

High Street Premiere

Good times at the Secret Society HQ (AKA High Street). Most homies were in attendance, Macca was ripping, and everyone had a good time.

See all the photos from the High Street premiere

(Macca McCarthy)

(Ben Richardson)

Here's the only photo I took. It's of Hawley

i love hawley he's amazing

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mosaiook out now!

Mosaiook is the fifth video from ook featuring all the homies from Sydney, some from Melbourne, and some from Troy's European adventures. It is now available, so send an email to if you're interested in getting one. They're only $10.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dane Unused Clip

Dane's unused clip from Mosaiook.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dean Unused clip

Dean's unused clip from Mosaiook.

Not really much to annotate here. I think it all speaks for itself.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Mosaiook Unused 3

Third clip of unused footage from Mosaiook.

Featuring Slinky, Jonz, Glen, Brett, Lance, Backwards Ben, Marty, Callum, Jack Kirk, Nikolas

Hmmm can't really think of any of that behind the scenes stuff on this one.

Stay tuned anyways

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mosaiook Unused 2

Second unused clip from Mosaiook. It features Troy and a cameo by MJ, Rhys, The H, Phillip, Daddy Demos, George, Mike Wale, and Samoh.

- It's Troy and MJ playing ping pong in the sunset. How romantic.

- According to George, Troy was being a street dog when he picked up that dead bird. George doesn't sound too thrilled.

Stay tuned.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mosaiook unused 1

First up unused clip is Steve, Jake Hayes, Mertell, Jake Goetz, and Chase.

Later on I'll blog about certain sections like I usually do. A bit like behind the scenes. Not really much going on with this unused clip though so yeah. Stay tuned xo

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mosaiook Premiere

Thanks to everyone who came to the premiere of Mosaiook.
It was a lovely turn out, good times with the homies.
Photos by Phillip and MJ

see more photos on phillip's blog
and mary-jane's blog

Friday, February 27, 2009


Premiering on the 14th of March at the Shakespeare.

See you there.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homies from OOK and Evil.

This is the homies section from OOK and Evil (2005). It features Ben Mundy, George Kosoulis, Tim Phillips, Kyle Bumsex, Getrad, Mike Wale, and Yason.

- Mundy was really psyched on his sw back 3

-Mundy's tricks down the 5 at Cook blew Albert away. That's his voice you can hear in the background.

- I don't know who the guy in front of the camera is when Mundy skates the hip at Riverside.

- Bayboyz factory, one of the funnest spots.

- When George did his tricks at Sylvania High, he had Zorba written on the bottom of his board. Dean didn't know what else to call him.

- Tim's crooks is probably the last thing I'd ever seen of him skating. Mark Phillips who wasn't his brother but shared the same common last name, filmed it on his retro vision.

- Dane filmed Kyle's line at Martin.

- His Airwalk off Bell was during the second bell sesh (2005).

- The pizza box was actually empty for those worrying about the pizza falling out whilst on the rail.

- Getrad's line down the Martin 3s blew me away. I hope it did the same to you when you first saw it.

- I think the Flinstones were an inspiration for the hair being tied up in that fashion during the manual to crooks.

- I spelt Mike's name wrong. It's actually spelt Walè, but then again, I only recently found out that Walè isn't his real surname at all. Sorry Mike I let your secret identity go haha.
Funnier thing was Mertell didn't know who Mike was when Mike stayed at the 163. Mertell asked who the hell Mike Walè was and he was sitting in the same room...

- Yason's questioning the camera. It actually went on for a lot longer.

- Yason landed his front board at Chifley in his previous part so don't despair that he didn't land it at the end of the line..

- Nah that's enough

Saturday, February 14, 2009


A rainy night as Supercenter was kinda fun the other night.

Demos making his comeback in 2009
Phillip didn't make his trick.



Session over.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Melbourne January 09

Hodges, Phillip, and myself went to Melbourne for a week to stay at Hotel Palmer. Here's some of what went down.

This is the barn Phillip had to sleep in. So dope

Mike watching telly when we got there. Comfy bean bag..

Mike's a busy man

Phillip met us at Southern Cross. He looks happy, but his shirt doesnt...

Catching Beardo blogging.

Bryce at it again

Callum ponders by the water

Mike before DJing and before we raged with a schooner lookalike. See Phillip's blog for Mike's set

Took a picture through the mirror after Phillip broke it.

Dane sussing the spot

Covering up the obscenities on the wall..

Pure Laken

Kermit the Frog in a bit of a dilemma taken from the Muppet Showbook. I really don't know whether I'd rather be green or yellow now..

Guess who's eye this is?

Looking out the tram.. Dean told me to get a picture of the sign advertising the Piggles show.

Callum ripping at the library.

Clip of our funs and throwaways. Stay tuned.