Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jake Hayes Mosaiook

Jake had opening part in Mosaiook. I should've put it up first but it will go in random order on here I guess.

- Dane sings well in key doesn't he?

- First line on a broken board hence the slow mo haha

- Skating banks behind barbed wire fences is no fun especially if people like Mertell get stuck whilst climbing it.

- Backside lipslides on Wynyward bledge are better with bag swinging attacks on Slinky lurking around.

- Jake's Canberra line is result of an SS Canberra trip that Me and Hawley weren't invited on haha.

- Hadnam is psyched at Paramatta road.

- I held the Jesters sign while Jake front boarded it. Team effort.

- Stu Mac hangs while Jake feebles.

- Thanks to Hadnam and Burger for the Jake footage.

- I couldn't think of much to write, sorry.

The song is "Ending to Begin" by Mercy Arms

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