Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Melbourne January 09

Hodges, Phillip, and myself went to Melbourne for a week to stay at Hotel Palmer. Here's some of what went down.

This is the barn Phillip had to sleep in. So dope

Mike watching telly when we got there. Comfy bean bag..

Mike's a busy man

Phillip met us at Southern Cross. He looks happy, but his shirt doesnt...

Catching Beardo blogging.

Bryce at it again

Callum ponders by the water

Mike before DJing and before we raged with a schooner lookalike. See Phillip's blog for Mike's set

Took a picture through the mirror after Phillip broke it.

Dane sussing the spot

Covering up the obscenities on the wall..

Pure Laken

Kermit the Frog in a bit of a dilemma taken from the Muppet Showbook. I really don't know whether I'd rather be green or yellow now..

Guess who's eye this is?

Looking out the tram.. Dean told me to get a picture of the sign advertising the Piggles show.

Callum ripping at the library.

Clip of our funs and throwaways. Stay tuned.


I got a new phone so the blog situation might be a bit different.. but here goes, an assortment of random photos

Apparently, you're meant to have these kinds of pictures as your phone's wallpaper.
"Yeah I love myself"
Haha Lake.

As in a book store in Glebe? Like Glebe Books? Or gleebooks?
What's gleeb mean?

Benny ripping. His key fit into this tractor and it turned on. We got scared

Dane and Keegan at Hyde Park


Walrus front board


Monday, January 5, 2009

Misled You Want I Want This We Want Thi I Don't Know

The Misled OOK section featuring Troy, Hawley, George, Schooner, Mark Nicolson, and Allen Young.

- Johnzo opens the part up. He has a big pimple on his face.

- Starting up, Troy psyches himself up at Revesby, whilst homeboys graff away.

- What a silly billy. That kid stood too close to the edge when Troy came front feebling around the place.

- Hawley only managed to film one line for the video, hence the Hawley flashups to add to his appearance. Hawley's slow motion at the end of the part was to emphasise the presence of the H... in 20% speed. ha ha

- Mark Nicolson is from England. Ripping.

- Troy's bench line was filmed in Portugal. According to the man himself, "chillen on the hill in Port-u-Gal!"

- Some of Troy's other clips were filmed in Barcalona and England.

- The schooner the better.. need I say more?

- George always looks happy after he lands his stuff. Great to know.

- James Hadnam has a guest appearance in George Kosoulous' section.

- For those who don't know him, Allen Man is American. He skates bowls and vert and all that stuff really well.

Misled Mertell

Jason Mertell's third part in the ook saga. Recovering from a knee operation, Jason had no trouble putting together another interesting part.

Here we go.

- Jason's part was put together in half an hour

- The guy in the intro was this guy who walked past the Omega house on New Years
2007. According to his friend (in the red shirt against the wall), this guy used to be in the X Games and stuff. What a ripper. Crooks to fakie in your face.... then he fell. I guess he was over stimulated from his trick on the flatbar.

- Jason had several different hair cuts in this part. Count them and tell him how many there were.

- Jason did the trick twice at that slappy ledge. The guy came out many times to whinge at Jason. Two bad so sad. Ha ha pun intended.

- That's probably a first and last... Mertell skating in shorts.

- Jason loves to dance.

- The dog off the chain startled Jason and OOk. Wild one.

- Jason runs around after his drop in pole jam slam and shows Dane where he hurt himself. All good though.

- The pole jam on the up rail was quite obscure. Slow motioned to emphasise it...

- Nosemanual shoveit firecrackers are kinda hard. So Jason tried his best. Thumbs up from Nikolas anyways. Jason was really bummed

- Dane offered Jason 20cents as incentive for landing his tricks at Taylor Square. Dane didn't approve, so it was a no dice situation.

- Brett and Lance think landing clown shoes is funny. Jason wasn't too thrilled.

- Riding away from his hammer, Jason's truck broke. All that 3 hours of effort was worth it in the end huh.

Hope you enjoyed this entry.

Misled Burman

Dane Burman's part from Misled OOK. If you are a fan and follower of the ookvision saga, you'd notice that Misled OOK marked the return of the Burmanator. OOK couldn't stand losing him in reference to Dane's OOK and Evil song by the English singer/songwriter with a background in mining... haha

- Dane's name is written on an envelope as his name is introduced. This was the envelope to the birthday card that I got him. Besides the birthday card, there was also a framed picture of him holding someone above his head with someone else's photo placed on top (I wonder who's?). In regards to this, "Happy Birthday" is spelt "Hapy Birthday". Spelling.. who needs it right?

- Dane looks surprised, hence his laugh and shudder at the strange sight that is unravelled upon opening his gift...

- During Dane's intro, Dane looks like he is screaming along with the opening screams of the song. Dane was actually singing the song of his ringtone.

- Dane has a Mantis on his nose.

- The line at the brick pyrmaids looks very shaky. Try filming a line using Rhys Grogan's board.
- It's Cameron Smith who High 5's Dane during this line. Went well with the drum huh?

- As you may have noticed Dane can get a lot done in one day, hence the same getup shared over many of his clips.

- Dane jumped off the roof with the help of Mertell, after learning that trick at waterloo the day before.

- The "OOK burn" quote after his 360 flip down the double set into the curb cut is the result of an OOK dedication. OOK tried it first on a rainyish sort of day, and slipped into the bank and his knee collapsed.

- The car Dane front boarded in a street line was an abandoned car. At first Dane tried to grind it and managed to break one of the headlights.

- Dane skates real fast. It was hard to keep up with him in some of the lines, OOK was still on crutches and pushing as best he could.

- What looks like a salute in time with "For those about to rock, we salute you", Dane was actually pulling a headphone out of his ear.

- Jackson sounds excited after Dane's combo on the ledge between the blocks at MOS.

- The front board and front blunt on the cream-coloured outrail were dedicated to Jamie Hawley... Hawley inspired tricks at Hawley's OG spot.

- You may notice Dane is riding a bigger board than usual in some of his tricks. That board was a 9" Zero fish board. According to Dane, it's the same as riding any other board.

- Dane has a shaved head in some of his clips. An interesting appearance, at first Dane greeted a half asleep OOK with "It's me Dane Burman...with a shaved head"
Reminiscent to Milhouse's comment "It's Alf, in pog form"

- Dane's last epic 5050 was on a 20 stair.

Hope you enjoyed.