Monday, January 5, 2009

Misled Mertell

Jason Mertell's third part in the ook saga. Recovering from a knee operation, Jason had no trouble putting together another interesting part.

Here we go.

- Jason's part was put together in half an hour

- The guy in the intro was this guy who walked past the Omega house on New Years
2007. According to his friend (in the red shirt against the wall), this guy used to be in the X Games and stuff. What a ripper. Crooks to fakie in your face.... then he fell. I guess he was over stimulated from his trick on the flatbar.

- Jason had several different hair cuts in this part. Count them and tell him how many there were.

- Jason did the trick twice at that slappy ledge. The guy came out many times to whinge at Jason. Two bad so sad. Ha ha pun intended.

- That's probably a first and last... Mertell skating in shorts.

- Jason loves to dance.

- The dog off the chain startled Jason and OOk. Wild one.

- Jason runs around after his drop in pole jam slam and shows Dane where he hurt himself. All good though.

- The pole jam on the up rail was quite obscure. Slow motioned to emphasise it...

- Nosemanual shoveit firecrackers are kinda hard. So Jason tried his best. Thumbs up from Nikolas anyways. Jason was really bummed

- Dane offered Jason 20cents as incentive for landing his tricks at Taylor Square. Dane didn't approve, so it was a no dice situation.

- Brett and Lance think landing clown shoes is funny. Jason wasn't too thrilled.

- Riding away from his hammer, Jason's truck broke. All that 3 hours of effort was worth it in the end huh.

Hope you enjoyed this entry.

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