Saturday, October 11, 2008

milk crates

"do a kickflip"
then he shuffled, then steve served him

apparently he was a hockey player and has the scars to prove it. he showed us his grill

shredding the stair

stacking them up. hmm

trying to be like shorts

wonder if anyone could sit on this and ride around? it almost blew over so jake had to take it down

Friday, October 10, 2008


me and steve being street dawgs. eating off the streets is considered raw street dawg right?? haha


mike and steve eatdowning

you want

i want


beth didnt want to do a west gang sign, shed rather enjoy her espetada

if its hanging on a hook, go get em. palmy shows us how its done

whats a better way to spell the end of a session? by spelling it out.. here goes.

melbourne with the boyz

melbourne for a week with nik and steve, as well as the usual melbourne homies and dean too cos he just moved down there not long ago. here we go..

first stop the vans place


at lincoln square, callum tied his board together with mikes and threw them in a tree.

heres how some of it went down

took this one just for jonz to compare this ludacris price with the mortdale dollar can. definetly a no go at this servo. bloody outrage $2.50 can

look how flooded the drains were

jack kirk

steve and i saw a flash on friday morning from one of these windows. we think there was someone taking pictures of us. i should've taken a photo of the room, you could've seen lurch's headbutt marks on our door from being too noisy.

just for jonz again.

$4 eatdown is featch. lucky coq pizzas. session, done. sorry i shouldve taken a picture of everyone's pizza to tick the eatdown box traditional with the "blogspot" entry

after a rainy day and dropping hams at vermont, which is where neighbours' ramsay street is, callum and james james had 2 premieres at psc. james james' rendition of play brought the house down. very nice work james.

just for jonz again. thanks lou for deans shirt. brought along a good laugh

what is a fully grown adult doing with all these children's toys in their car?
ask mapstone, he'll tell you...

here's your answer.
according to mapstone this has to be the most racist photo he's ever seen. its alright cos im just having a laugh. no hate. i live for the yellow power

following a red rooster eatdown (sorry no pics again), we lurked around the bistro where several machines enticed our amusement.

steve ripped on this motorbike game. he beat me twice and finished some one player game. punching kicking and turboing his way to first place

then we played this gun game. it was pretty intense.

mike dean and nik played this claw game. look how many lollies they won. the smelly lady wasnt too happy from winning nothing.. and then none.

seeing as we were done here and it was still raining, mike took us to galactic circus at the casino. the place was too real for me. too many machines and colourful lights and screens..

this guy shouldve been reprogrammed to break open the ticket machine and give out as many tickets as desired. or better yet captured and reprogrammed to set the machines on free play, or if i was really losing i guess he shouldve been reprogrammed to terminate the unrisen machines lurking around haha. who knows

steve came first, nik came second, and i came last. oh well. guess its in my blood not to be good on the road hahaha.

"this is tan, he's been here every day after school. hes spent at least a thousand dollars on this machine"
"we want you to join our dance troupe"
"what you mean you have to dance without a machine? thats so stupid"

haha probably the stupidest thing ive ever played.

nik was having the time of his life in this thing

put em up palm. palmy ripping on the boxing game. dodge the punches, knock him out, done. session over

photos of hams

nah just the museum gap. too real

wait and see

haha just joking callum


ice cream session at docklands was nice.. all the flavours of the rainbow. definetly a must visit whenever you're in docklands..

stay tuned for the eatdown photos they'll come up eventually haha