Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a week in melbzzzzzzzzz with dane and the jonz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a week in melbourne...yeah bra!!! maccas eatdowns, skechy box dinners at qv and melbun central, jonz and his euro hat that would see him fit in perfect in barca, photoshoping phone pictures, melbourne homeboyz, more eatdowns, burmanator kicking in a tram seccy car, kicking over nerd protest tables at the library, RAGING at cartlon club with the burmanator!!!, even more eatdowns, callum paul, shredding with the boyz!!!! watched a board spin on a poll for ages, yello tram barrierz, the spine park tnt skates in his in bloom part, the dirt humps. it was rad!!!!! cracked two boards on the same trick, followed by dane losing my board under the tram haha! finished off the weekend with an amazing visit to the blackbox warehouse and skating theyre mini ramp, good times were had by all, couple a clips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! featch!
but we didn't have any paella or tapas with homeboys!! hahaha troy just teasing! i miss you!!!!!!!!!!! but it was a rad rad rad weekend!!!!!!!!!!! yeah you!!!!!!!!!!

dane sussing out for mosaiook- the ender of all enders.

session over at red rooster

blackbox warehouse, zero mystry slave and fallen stuff everywhere. it was rad haha

jonz shredding the mini and ook zero board

on the train back from blackbox to get a couple a clips at the drains you'll have to stay tuned for that one bra!!!

park tnt skates in in bloom and its dirt humps

indias version of coke- lovely spelling innit? its coke with a native bean used in medicines and stimulants. i read up on it
getting them clips!

clown breakfast

yellow barrier. wow.. the whole thing matched my shirt and skin when i skated it and session over, boards in the bin

dane drew on top of pictures of me and jonz on his phone
ferris wheel
now be mesmerised by what your about to see