Sunday, January 31, 2010

Melbourne January 2010

A few photos from a trip to Melbourne with little pup Nik and Jake the Walrus.

Jezza skating the indoor rail, seconds before slamming on his face

Walrus sleeping. He couldn't find the blanket that was next to the couch. Silly billy.

Walrus Wallriding at Ringwood.

Homeboy dancing on Swanston Street

Flatbars for days

Brass and Cal bot

Moments after his hospital discharge. He went home early. Get well soon, the barn is calling.

Jack filming through his camera at the best ledge spot in Melbourne

Jackie Kirk

Jezza and his Juan inspired cut.

Pirate version of Street Fighter from the airport.

Jake had fun. Fireman Dan, probably a blatant rip off of Fireman Sam with the added moustache.