Sunday, August 24, 2008


walking to the wonnie residence means you have to park the car at the end of some street, followed by a hike to the end of a trail through semi bush residencies to reach the palmer house
upon entering the trail a dog followed wade blake and i !

we named him dootch as an acronym for dog+ook+featch which = dootch

anyways he followed us all the way to the end of the trail to deans place, where he went inside and made himself at home.
before dootch got carried away with the party i thought it would be in his best interests if i took it back to the street and to call the number on his collar for the owners to come.

turns out dootch's name was really rex, and he had come all the way from up the hill from woronora heights. so i waited for about an hour for rexs owners to come


speaking of animals, watch out for neighbours. they claimed the party animal status and one confirmed this proclaimation by being able to party harder and longer and another claimed it would kick off once things warmed up a bit.. beware!!!


before dean and beth's going away party at the wonnie palmer residence i met up with leo and skated the curb outside his house. good times

leo clayton ready to rip the curb.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Dean's board said it all

Getting them clips with Jonz and Dean




On the train home straight away.. haha.
nah me and dean thought it would be funny to take pictures of jonz waiting for the train as we could see him from our platform.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

train pictures

now you know not to pick your nose...

dean took a photo of me and tried bluetoothing it to people on the train so i tried the same but had a poorer photo to send around.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


the day began in the city where i saw at rainbow at this fountain at hyde park

following my rainbow sighting was the first half of the day spent with dane dean and beth at cook. beth left with her friend and the decision was made to skate worny rail, so thanks gayme for driving us from the city to woronora. dane tried to boardslide it and ended up nearly sacking himself and fell on the grass! eatdown at worny riverside before a quick shred on the bank outside and a visit from none other than ben mundys sister jo mundy. ending our day was a bushwalk/hike to the palmer residence in the depths of woronora!

space cadet pinball at deans place meant playing until the gravity well was opened and the ball was sucked in and all those new games and what not were worth it to see the delighted look on dean's face when the ball went in that hole!

next morning we went by boat to worny rail which wasnt skateable so we went into the city. boatride was quite fun. better than my other boatride experiences you know.
backyard leads onto the river
palmy boats
deans ready to go
kaptain keith- the hat said it all. thanks for the boat ride mr palmer!