Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fulfill The OOK

Fulfill The OOK is the video 6th installment coming out in March 2010. Anything ever thought about is to be crossed off. Done.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jake Hayes Mosaiook

Jake had opening part in Mosaiook. I should've put it up first but it will go in random order on here I guess.

- Dane sings well in key doesn't he?

- First line on a broken board hence the slow mo haha

- Skating banks behind barbed wire fences is no fun especially if people like Mertell get stuck whilst climbing it.

- Backside lipslides on Wynyward bledge are better with bag swinging attacks on Slinky lurking around.

- Jake's Canberra line is result of an SS Canberra trip that Me and Hawley weren't invited on haha.

- Hadnam is psyched at Paramatta road.

- I held the Jesters sign while Jake front boarded it. Team effort.

- Stu Mac hangs while Jake feebles.

- Thanks to Hadnam and Burger for the Jake footage.

- I couldn't think of much to write, sorry.

The song is "Ending to Begin" by Mercy Arms