Thursday, October 1, 2009

Melbourne September 09

Home sweet home for the several days that I was down there. Thanks Mumma Illona and the Lang Street kids for having me.

My picture is one of the featured ones on their book shelf. Right next to pictures from a machine of Mike and Illona. Lovely.

Guess who?

A hole in a shirt from the night before of raging.

Callum got sent this board and didn't like the graphic, so it was decorated by Callum, Mike, Syd, and myself.

Being AFL final weekend, it was deemed appropriate that an AFL dvd of mappy was put on for all the fans.

Lunch time = $4 baguette.

Eatdown for troy west

The drains were flooded, as you can see water is overflowing. Callum lost his board in the water after 5 minutes of getting there. Straight into the lake.

Getting all 16mm or whatever.

Frenchie themed party. I don't know how Euro we were meant to look.

Happy birthday Yuta at the Yellow Bird.

St Kilda Beach.. the only bit of sunshine I got out of 5 days.

Alternate-Reality-Chanman rode this horse from Sydney to reside in Melbourne.

Stay tuned