Tuesday, July 29, 2008


seeing as it was a lovely day after mine and deans rainy day we went to homebush with hodges. we went to monster to look at the ramps for inspiration for hodges' current project
upon asking the american guy at the counter about what sizes the green templeton trucks came in, i was given the answer "they're all 5.0" (even when i could clearly see longer ones but oh well im sure he'd know). ok fair enough, whatever trevor, he then said "oh templeton thunder trucks? i thought he rode for toy machine trucks?". dean and i thought it was amusing.
skating outside it was way too windy and palmy still pulled through a couple a clips. hodges didn't have his board and had his drawing book with him. this is what he drew..


dwein had a day off work and the morning looked promising after a storm the night before! as i get on the train the wet weather kicks in and the burmanator who jumped on a train to miranda jumped on one the other way home straight away in what was described as a pouring cyclone!! seeing as i was already halfway there i still met up with dean and we tried to make the best of a rainy day!! yeah you!!!!!!!!!

first things first, we shredded westfield carpark and it was quite fun

session over and it started pouring rain again. dean and i were bored and thought sharing an eatdown would pass the time...courtesy of the colonel.


after our salute, the rain stopped long enough for us to walk to moffats house followed by a session at supacentre with stuart and hodges

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


afta homeboyz hospitality in melbourne it wos time to return the fayver as syd bryce callum and keegan came up to sydney for a few days!! i had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with them around the city and then around here and ther to get them clips!!! rad time was had by all!!

positive energy taking place at olds park

i took it way too early. callum went higher than the door

syd in the lift

taking a picture of callum taking a picture of keegan

theres keegan in the white

nikolas showed up, ready to rip. callums tying his shoe up. keegan waits

showtime keegan

callum ripping

callums taken care of it. done

callum teaching nik how to skate

first attempt

secret hammer

a sculpture thing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dean Palmer at Waterloo

after a couple of hours in the never return to again place known as parramatta me and dwein palm dog went to waterloo for the afternoon!! dwein palmer rips bra!!!!!!!! sydneys best kept secret fo shaw