Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Melbourne January 09

Hodges, Phillip, and myself went to Melbourne for a week to stay at Hotel Palmer. Here's some of what went down.

This is the barn Phillip had to sleep in. So dope

Mike watching telly when we got there. Comfy bean bag..

Mike's a busy man

Phillip met us at Southern Cross. He looks happy, but his shirt doesnt...

Catching Beardo blogging.

Bryce at it again

Callum ponders by the water

Mike before DJing and before we raged with a schooner lookalike. See Phillip's blog for Mike's set

Took a picture through the mirror after Phillip broke it.

Dane sussing the spot

Covering up the obscenities on the wall..

Pure Laken

Kermit the Frog in a bit of a dilemma taken from the Muppet Showbook. I really don't know whether I'd rather be green or yellow now..

Guess who's eye this is?

Looking out the tram.. Dean told me to get a picture of the sign advertising the Piggles show.

Callum ripping at the library.

Clip of our funs and throwaways. Stay tuned.

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