Monday, January 5, 2009

Misled Burman

Dane Burman's part from Misled OOK. If you are a fan and follower of the ookvision saga, you'd notice that Misled OOK marked the return of the Burmanator. OOK couldn't stand losing him in reference to Dane's OOK and Evil song by the English singer/songwriter with a background in mining... haha

- Dane's name is written on an envelope as his name is introduced. This was the envelope to the birthday card that I got him. Besides the birthday card, there was also a framed picture of him holding someone above his head with someone else's photo placed on top (I wonder who's?). In regards to this, "Happy Birthday" is spelt "Hapy Birthday". Spelling.. who needs it right?

- Dane looks surprised, hence his laugh and shudder at the strange sight that is unravelled upon opening his gift...

- During Dane's intro, Dane looks like he is screaming along with the opening screams of the song. Dane was actually singing the song of his ringtone.

- Dane has a Mantis on his nose.

- The line at the brick pyrmaids looks very shaky. Try filming a line using Rhys Grogan's board.
- It's Cameron Smith who High 5's Dane during this line. Went well with the drum huh?

- As you may have noticed Dane can get a lot done in one day, hence the same getup shared over many of his clips.

- Dane jumped off the roof with the help of Mertell, after learning that trick at waterloo the day before.

- The "OOK burn" quote after his 360 flip down the double set into the curb cut is the result of an OOK dedication. OOK tried it first on a rainyish sort of day, and slipped into the bank and his knee collapsed.

- The car Dane front boarded in a street line was an abandoned car. At first Dane tried to grind it and managed to break one of the headlights.

- Dane skates real fast. It was hard to keep up with him in some of the lines, OOK was still on crutches and pushing as best he could.

- What looks like a salute in time with "For those about to rock, we salute you", Dane was actually pulling a headphone out of his ear.

- Jackson sounds excited after Dane's combo on the ledge between the blocks at MOS.

- The front board and front blunt on the cream-coloured outrail were dedicated to Jamie Hawley... Hawley inspired tricks at Hawley's OG spot.

- You may notice Dane is riding a bigger board than usual in some of his tricks. That board was a 9" Zero fish board. According to Dane, it's the same as riding any other board.

- Dane has a shaved head in some of his clips. An interesting appearance, at first Dane greeted a half asleep OOK with "It's me Dane Burman...with a shaved head"
Reminiscent to Milhouse's comment "It's Alf, in pog form"

- Dane's last epic 5050 was on a 20 stair.

Hope you enjoyed.

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