Monday, January 5, 2009

Misled You Want I Want This We Want Thi I Don't Know

The Misled OOK section featuring Troy, Hawley, George, Schooner, Mark Nicolson, and Allen Young.

- Johnzo opens the part up. He has a big pimple on his face.

- Starting up, Troy psyches himself up at Revesby, whilst homeboys graff away.

- What a silly billy. That kid stood too close to the edge when Troy came front feebling around the place.

- Hawley only managed to film one line for the video, hence the Hawley flashups to add to his appearance. Hawley's slow motion at the end of the part was to emphasise the presence of the H... in 20% speed. ha ha

- Mark Nicolson is from England. Ripping.

- Troy's bench line was filmed in Portugal. According to the man himself, "chillen on the hill in Port-u-Gal!"

- Some of Troy's other clips were filmed in Barcalona and England.

- The schooner the better.. need I say more?

- George always looks happy after he lands his stuff. Great to know.

- James Hadnam has a guest appearance in George Kosoulous' section.

- For those who don't know him, Allen Man is American. He skates bowls and vert and all that stuff really well.

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