Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mosaiook Dean Palmer

- Dean has the best tre flip in the world. The one at the red carpet is just a pure example of why..

- "PALMY" by Jonz.

- Opening line was the longest line I'd ever filmed.

- Check the previous "Worny" post I did featuring Dean to see the gist of the spins outside the shop at the Worny.

- Homeboy with the phone didn't know what he was doing. He was very shakey.

- What's up Willy at Olds Park.

- Skating outside the 26 Chisholms is fun.

- Grumpy old man always comes out when the pole gets skated. Have a look for him in Samoh's section later when it goes up for homeboy's background appearance.

- Stewart Thomas Arewa Richard, which was actually specific letters of Death Skateboards coloured in. I really wish this board was Dean's legit board that everyone could buy, but it was just an "I <3 Death" board coloured in and a Fuknook sticker on it. Pisstake on Fuknoath by Lance.

- Yeah I wish I could colour in that fast as well. But it's fast forwarded. Just giving you a heads up.

- Johnzo is amazed. Snap out of it Johnzy, hence the slap on the shoulder..

- Seccy at MOS was stressing out when Dean was skating the bank. Seccy tried yelling but to no avail he just walked off and gave up.

- Positive Energook background appearances at the bump to table.

- The only spot we could find in Paramatta..

- Canberra trip was made funner and twice as productive with Brother Himburg filming.

- Dane pop up at Cook. Swapsies for sw bs flip and front biggy. Vice Versa in Dane's part. You'll get the idea..

- OG Palm wally.

- Another person who's done the Smolik trick outside Crown Casino. Originally Beth was in the clip too clapping these gunpowder ball things that she won from the Casino games place but I think it was too embarassing to put in. Sorry.

- Syd must be a mind reader. "I knew that was the one"

- Possibly the funniest shirt I have seen in a while at White Walls. "THE JONZ". I think it was made to support Johnzo in his comedy final the previous year or two.

- Digging is fun when the spot becomes skateable right Palm?

- Dedications to Bernie and Jai.

- Most shire clips are courtesy of Shane. Cheers.

- Horsey lurking.

- "Dean Palmers from Mars and we don't care" just like "Teenagers From Mars" as a reference to bigspin attempts at the pit in OOK and Evil, done.

- Seccy lurking, Nollie back heels, flick off.

- The best ender in the world at the best spot... Sutho Bowl, haha.

- Rhys karaoked this song.

I think it's a very suitable song for my favourite Palm and accomplice, hence the framed picture of Me, Dean, and Beth that I gave on her 21st birthday.

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