Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homies from OOK and Evil.

This is the homies section from OOK and Evil (2005). It features Ben Mundy, George Kosoulis, Tim Phillips, Kyle Bumsex, Getrad, Mike Wale, and Yason.

- Mundy was really psyched on his sw back 3

-Mundy's tricks down the 5 at Cook blew Albert away. That's his voice you can hear in the background.

- I don't know who the guy in front of the camera is when Mundy skates the hip at Riverside.

- Bayboyz factory, one of the funnest spots.

- When George did his tricks at Sylvania High, he had Zorba written on the bottom of his board. Dean didn't know what else to call him.

- Tim's crooks is probably the last thing I'd ever seen of him skating. Mark Phillips who wasn't his brother but shared the same common last name, filmed it on his retro vision.

- Dane filmed Kyle's line at Martin.

- His Airwalk off Bell was during the second bell sesh (2005).

- The pizza box was actually empty for those worrying about the pizza falling out whilst on the rail.

- Getrad's line down the Martin 3s blew me away. I hope it did the same to you when you first saw it.

- I think the Flinstones were an inspiration for the hair being tied up in that fashion during the manual to crooks.

- I spelt Mike's name wrong. It's actually spelt Walè, but then again, I only recently found out that Walè isn't his real surname at all. Sorry Mike I let your secret identity go haha.
Funnier thing was Mertell didn't know who Mike was when Mike stayed at the 163. Mertell asked who the hell Mike Walè was and he was sitting in the same room...

- Yason's questioning the camera. It actually went on for a lot longer.

- Yason landed his front board at Chifley in his previous part so don't despair that he didn't land it at the end of the line..

- Nah that's enough

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