Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mosai ook

- Jackson did an amazing introduction, which meant there wasn't really a need for a title for names of any sort.

- The glass did crack and every time it was walked on it would move. sketchy seeing as the floor below is a pre school and they're the panels for the lights which can fall once cracked. Sorry.

- Running straight into a pole head first isn't very fun.

- Getting boards stuck when trying to pull in impossible lipslides isn't fun, and neither is
kicking bins out of frustration.

- Jumping over the water without your board is quite silly. Board gets wet.
- Here's the result of the slam onto my elbows.

- The man at Cook and Phillip seemed pretty psyched on watching things go down.

- Copying Hawley's getups at Civic Park in Canberra is amusing.

- No comply flip manual was the first clip since my knee operation. I was thrilled.

- "Boats. Water". Thanks Dane. He filmed the surrounding scenery.

- Dane appears doing a line at MOS because we did the same lines and put them in each other's parts.

- Terminator flip in tribute to Jonz, in tribute to the kid that did one just to terminate Willy in a game of.

- BS flip on a bank to be all arty yeah?

- Yeah pole jam kind of tricks are all the rage right?

- Slappy grinds are really fun. I spent the whole day learning them prior to this one.

- Sw skasian shove was for Johnzo. "look here" as in his part in Misled OOK

- Yes I really did skate over that gap and the syringe haha.

- Reverting the switch shove was an accident. Mertell was psyched, as you can tell from his face.

- Snake chalmer for AJ

- Psyched on the featch at cook.

- Skating Melbourne library step with Syd's jacket on. Two of the most iconic Melbourne pronouns I'd say.

- Have a look at any previous Melbourne blogs to see what's gone down on the several Melbourne trips made during Mosaiook.

- A STAR reference. Stewart Thomas Arewa Richard.

- Thanks for the props Frenchman at St Kilda

- Skating the Blackbox mini with Dane was lots of fun. Thanks for the invite.

- People who didn't know what was going on at Cook and Phillip. Calling out to them to show them what's up.

- Funny that I'm wearing a shirt with a bananna peel on it when I trip up the stairs.

- Riding through caps isn't fun.

- I went in the water twice this day at Minto drains. First time I was mucking around and my board went down the hill towards the water, I ran after it, board went in the water, and I slipped and fell in. Haha yeah me. Second time I was being silly, jumped across the water and changed my mind mid air.

- Seeing Bernie skate the sandstone ledge at Cannon made me want to skate it, so there you go.

- Switch tres to show people I can still do flip tricks haha.

- Really psyched on Tom Penny's clip in the old es trailer, hence the Olds Park clip.

- I forgot to mention I filmed the whole part on the one Death Zone graphic. J Bone had a lot of those so why not?

My mind was exhausted after this part.
Stay tuned.

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