Thursday, September 18, 2008

random raging

whilst waiting at town hall the other day i thought i'd walk in to timezone for a quick look around. i stumbled upon this..

i can see a lot of 2 dollar coins getting wasted on this thing.. not on my behalf though, mind you. seeing as the first guy i played played me 8 times in a row and got beaten every time cos he couldnt stand losing haha. anyways i got bored and was running late so i got up and walked off during our game. poor dude.

lets fight...

round three mertell. his board nearly went into the water. at least it didn't rain this time when he tried his line..






photo of a photo. jackson lurking

mertell was this psyched when he found out his line didnt turn out. nah more like when he found out there was an eatdown imminent

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