Saturday, September 27, 2008


whilst copping an eatdown at oportos early saturday morning with pinyata and his girlfriend, we saw homeboy passed out on the table here.

homeboy was passed out with a bag of food which the cleaner threw out for him. pinyata and i were wondering what was wrong with him and he certainly didnt look like a drinker cos his bike was parked outside.

pinyata and i speculated his reasons for passing out, some being;
- his burger had too much chilli on it
- his burger was too real for him
- he forgot he was a vegetarian when he took that first bite

can't remember the rest, but feel free to add your own reason to this list in the comments page..

so anyways i took the picture which you see above, and i bluetoothed it to this guy in the red down below, and he didnt know it was from me.

then i took this picture of him and homeboy in the mirror while he was checking out the picture i just sent him.
this was followed by me trying to send him the picture of him checking out his picture of hiim and passed out homeboy. no dice.

on the way out i shook the table to stir homeboy to wake up and all i got was a grunt.

good times pinyata

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